Are you positive, constructive, or destructive?

Words are powerful and impact others to make a grown man cry. Words uttered should be used cautiously, as it reveals a great deal about the person speaking. You can decide to be positive, constructive, or destructive when you’re responding to someone whose intruded or put you in an uncompromising situation.

If you want to make or keep a good impression and not appear careless or incapable of saying what you mean, be clear, confident, and positive to avoid eating your words. Showing appreciation and being kind also helps people feel good about themselves.

For instance, if someone asks you a question you don’t want to respond to it simply say, “I appreciate you wanting to learn more about the situation, however, that subject is uncomfortable for me to discuss at this time.”

That’s it! Just like that! It’s simple, clear, and to the point. The relationship is still intact and no one got hurt.

Have a great day!

Candice Merritt, Conflict Resolution Strategist