Letting Go of Your Ex

Life happens… and by not letting whatever happened in your past hold you back from your future will help you progress and increase your strength and power over yourself.

I’m sure it was a beautiful thing that you were able to share your life with someone special to you. So be grateful! No need to have a selfish attitude about it being over. Gratitude is more productive than being hurt. The chapter is now over for better things in store for you. When you are unable to appreciate the good times, it minimizes the entire relationship! And if it was not worth appreciating, then be grateful it ended so that you can move on with your life.

Create power over your life by healing from the situation. When you begin to heal, you’ll find peace from within.

No need to be unhappy. Be glad for all that God has planned for you regarding what is to come. It will require patience in the meantime.

Take some time to yourself and think about all the things you need to prepare to do for the next relationship. Consider even writing it down to generate momentum, as well.

You have a choice in the matter, create peace in your life or sulk about the past. When you make the choice to move forward with your life, you have decided not to resist your blessings so that you can instead receive them. Be ready for the next opportunity ahead but in order for the door to be open, you will need to be ready and in position.