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We offer conflict resolution training, consulting and coaching services

When you're trying to make decisions or settle an argument within a large group of people, things can get heated. You love your friends, family and co-workers, but sometimes conflicts escalate quickly. When this happens, don't burn any bridges.

Instead, count on an experienced mediator and conflict coach. Peaceful Solutions: Conflict Management Services offers a wide range of conflict resolution resolution training, consulting and coaching services for a variety of situations. Whether you're going through a divorce or trying to develop your personal goals, Peaceful Solutions can offer the help you need. Make an appointment over the phone or online today.

Find a solution that works for everyone

When disagreements get out of hand, the best thing to do is step back and call a professional. Peaceful Solutions is here to help you reach common ground. We specialize in the following areas of conflict resolution and personal development:

Don't let a small conflict become a big problem. Count on the help of a neutral third party. Call for a free phone consultation with our conflict mediator today.

Trust an experienced conflict professional

Peaceful Solutions began when our owner, Candice, saw the need for accessible conflict resolution services in the San Antonio, TX area. Candice started her human resources career in the United States military, after years of counseling training. Getting involved in HR allowed Candice to realize she loved helping people. She returned to school to study organizational development and conflict resolution. After completing her studies in organizational development and conflict resolution, Candice decided to pursue industrial organizational psychology to further her learning and services even more.

Candice is a certified mediator, conflict coach, professional speaker, corporate trainer and a proud veteran. She has the skills and experience to help you navigate difficult conversations and disagreements with friends, family or co-workers. Candice wants to help you make proactive positive, decisions in your life. Her goal is to get you in motion to experience the change you always wanted starting in the year of 2018.

Candice has coached and mentored individuals in several ways concerning their conflicted situations and circumstances which brought about remarkable transformations in their lives. What she want from others is to see them have the same results. Being able to add value to those around me is the most beautiful gift God could ever bless me to do. Call today to make an appointment.

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